Free Zumba Workout Videos

One thing that we can never get enough of is a great free Zumba workout video. I was going to create a list of the best Zumba dance video’s and then realised that for me… that was really going to be impossible! All I had to do was a quick search on google and I saw that many had gone before us.

So here are some free Zumba workout videos from our friends on other sites across the web:

  1. Over at Jared [actually his wife] has listed her top 10 FREE Zumba Video Workouts she found on youtube. And I can tell you if you want to sweat – get ready to paaaaarty!
  2. Anna Renderer and Laura Micklich have a great 10 minute Zumba video workout for beginners over at I like how Laura, calls Zumba “exercise in disguise,” a great analogy there Laura.
  3. Then there’s Michelle Fountain whom I found on Pinterest. Now there are (I think) 144 video’s that Michelle has pinned and she states: “I do these when I get tired of doing my regular Zumba dvds” … Michelle YOU rock!

Free Zumba Workout Videos
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I knew I had my work cut out – So wanting to work smarter and not harder, I opted to let YouTube do the work for me. That way we all get to spend more time doing the things I love to do… Watching free Zumba workout video’s 😉  Enjoy!

free Zumba workout videos


For those of you interested in how I managed to get all these great zumba videos to display so beautifully in this webpage. I use a free wordpress plugin called huge-it video gallery.

We do hope that you enjoy your workout today and come back and join us for another tomorrow. Until then please feel free to leave a comment and tell us which is YOUR favourite free Zumba dance workout video.