Express Yourself And Let It Move You #LetItMoveYou

One thing that people love to do is dance Zumba peeps know that but the rest of those walking the streets every day – they don’t know yet that they love to dance. So how do you let someone who doesn’t dance that they just have to express yourself and let it move you?

Well being the largest branded dance workout company across the globe, that’s the challenge Zumba® is taking up! As the saying goes go hard or go home, and they’ll be going hard with the catch phrase “Let it Move You” as sure as you’ll be sweating at your next Zumba workout.

When it comes to dominating the world of fitness dance you can’t do it alone and Zumba have enlisted the guiding hand of A-List advertising agency 180LA who kicked off the social experiment that you see above…

and the footage for the first ever Zumba TV commercial directed by twin brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker (TWiN Thing) with a boost from Janet Champ.

The 1.30 was a little too long for TV so a regular 30 second video it  – but we get to see both 🙂

It ls not only the imagery in 180LA’s ad campaign that forces you to at least consider the need to Express Yourself – it’s that foot stomping beat taken from Diplo feat. Nicky Da B – aptly titled Express Yourself that just shouts get up and do your thing!


Now what follows may not be taught in the gold class but that doesn’t mean it won’t inspire you!