What To Wear To Zumba Dance Workout?


One of the great things about Zumba is that you don’t need any particular kind of attire and there’s no dress code to start. Beginners can immediately jump in and join their first class just wearing any kind of comfortable clothing. However If you want to improve in your performance without compromising your Zumba appearance, you may also want to invest in the right type of clothes for the workout. Here are some helpful expert tips.

Built for Comfort

The #1 rule when looking for the right attire for Zumba is to keep it comfy. You should at least be able to move easily without any constraints on any body parts. Look at the material,  soft and light – you are going to get hot and sweaty and you can do without chaffing on your skin. Talking about sweat, make sure it’s breathable as these absorb sweat quickly and keep you dry.


As for the guys, you may want to wear a sleeveless shirt, kinda flash dance style or a t-shirt for the top, I actually wore a judo kit for my first session… If you want to sweat more, wear a sweatshirt over your t-shirt. Just always make sure that it will absorb rather than keep in the sweat.

There are plenty of different kinds of real fancy cropped shirts and tanks for both men and women, have you seen the Zumba store! It does help to have a couple of layers on your upper body to warm up quicker. You can always take off the outer layer in the middle of your workout. Brazilian workout clothing lines are typically good for the kind of movements, that’s why I wore my judo kit thinking of Capoeira, but it chafed a bit! Stretchable fabric is very good so you can move with ease and comfortably.

Choosing the Right Gear

The cloths you wear to Zumba are going to go through the mill so it pays to heed to the brand so you can have a good idea about brand quality and design. You can always do some research on the brands online in the Zumba shop – or any other of your online favourite stores. That way you’ll have a decent idea about what type of workout wear you want to buy including color, styles and materials. You’ll be able to find a variety of Zumba clothing in fitness shops, department stores close to where you live.

Ordering via the internet can be a bit more convenient, as long as you make sure that you’re buying from a reliable source. You can pay via PayPal or credit card online and the items will be at your doorstep in a few days.

What To Wear To Zumba For Women

Sometimes you can’t help but noticed today that women should wear a good sports bra. Some women prefer the ones with the zipper in front, but ALL women hold quality and a fabric that soaks up moisture away from the body as a priority. Just make sure you get the right size that offers great support. There are also tops that will improve alter/improve the figure or shape more, almost like slimming down for Zumba!


As Zumba is so popular now there are now a huge number of Zumba products for women. You will most likely find these on the internet as well as at your gyms. Checking you get the right fit by seeing how the cloth feels at the armpits, across your back, waist and knees. It’s important not to buy a hugging Zumba wear that’s too tight,  they can easily rip whilst you’re jigging.

The Pants

Be sure to wear comfortable bottoms that you can workout and stretch easily in. The fabric should still be breathable. There are the dry-fit products available nowadays that specifically target the fitness market. However at the other end of the scale you can just as easily wear cut down cargo pants and other baggy types of leg wear so you can easily stretch and dance in during the workouts.

Your Zumba Shoes

Wear light aerobic type shoes that provide good friction. Boots and running shoes are not great. They say ultimate studio to street shoe is the Zumba Street Classic is funky, fierce and get the job done. Designed for maximum comfort you don’t mess with a classic!

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If you can twist the shoe about in your hands they should be great for Zumba, if trying them on and I recommend you do. Try movements like turning, skipping and pivoting to see how they feel on your feet -dance like nobody’s watching!

See you at the next session.


  1. If only I had the freedom to buy what I’d like – rather than what my daughter tells me I should buy.

    • LOL!! I know what you mean! We have limited budgets, right? My daughter is now 26, but I’m STILL wearing her high school discards! She’s a bit of a ‘fashion plate’, too, which means every few years she says ‘here, Mommy, do you want this stuff?’ And then I sort through it and give what I don’t want (or can’t wear) to Goodwill.

      Yeah – when they were teens, they said, ‘Mom! Don’t dance!’

      A few years later I got a card from them that said: ‘You can dance if you want to’ on the front, with a little girl in a tutu ……
      You do what YOU want to do. They’ll come around!!!

    • Thanks for checking it out! What do you think of Zumba fashion?

      I watched a beginner’s YouTube thing, by a Zumba Education Specialist, and she was dressed in cargo pants, so I couldn’t even see what her thighs and hips were really doing.

      I mean, I work out in my jammies, too – but to learn a dance move, I kinda need to see the anatomical mechanics. You know?